Some of the Work we have done over the last few years

2007 we tried to repaint the copola, but it soon became obvious there was too much rotten wood so a new one was commissioned and fitted.
We made repairs to the floor in May 2008. After 85 years, some of the joists supporting the hall floor had started to rot. Whilst exploring underneath the hall floor we had a look in the well.
The well is 8 metres deep. At the time we measured it, there was 5.3 metres of water in there. This next photo shows John Clarke on the left, Bob Mills in the middle and Andrew Wilcox on the right, all looking into the well.
In the photo on the right, you can see Bob Mills holding part of a rotten beam that we removed. Andrew, being the slimmest out of the four of us, was volunteered to squeeze under the floor. The picture below shows him in the small gap under the floor, and you can see one of the new pressure treated joists that we fitted that day, above his head.
In August 2008 we took down the noticeboard on the back wall and had the hall re-decorated.
In 2009 I sanded and re-varnished the floor, with a new badminton court marked out. This was also when I made the dragon that now hangs on the back wall.
At the end of 2008 we decided the old kitchen should be replaced.
Thanks to funding from a lottery grant, I fitted a new one, including new windows.
We also had a new carpet fitted in the committee room.
in 2009 the sliding door to the disabled toilet got damaged, so I replaced it with a new hinged door and DDA compliant handles. At the same time I also built the new cleaning cupboard.
In 2010 we purchased new padded chairs following a grant from Viridor and the Parish Council. We also had additional insulation installed in both the roof void and the walls.
The old sign above the front door had lasted a long time, but in January 2012 I made a new one.
In February 2012 I fitted the new lock to the front door and started changing the other locks around the hall.
Thanks to another lottery grant we were able to replace the windows in August 2012.
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